What is a movie trailer?

Entertainment Weekly wrote a review of movie trailers from 2011. They had a nice overview of what Movie Trailers are today - really a kind of film all by itself. Look here:

**The 25 Best Movie Trailers of 2011**
by Darren Franich
"The recipe for making a movie trailer used to be so simple. You’d just edit together the 10 or 11 most exciting parts of the film — gunshots for an action movie, kisses for a romance, pratfalls for a comedy — and then let the voice-of-god narrator loudly assure the audience that the movie on display was sure to be the best movie... ever.
Like all advertising, though, movie trailers have evolved madly in the last few decades. Heck, movie trailers have become genuine pop culture events. (We live in an era that has previews for previews.) Some trailers tease us with an intriguing new story line; some reintroduce us to franchises we’d long since forgotten about. The very best function as a primal delivery system for pure cinematic bliss."

One of the trailers they chose to highlight was for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The trailer gave you a complete overview of what the movie would be about without giving away too much about the overall plot. Whether you liked the movie or not - the trailer was well done:

There are other trailers in the article linked above - but just looking at one or two gives you an idea of what to do. You'll need a basic movie plot in mind - then you'll choose what scenes you can film to show what your movie would be like. Remember to think about your camera angles, what you can realistically film inside the school, what props you might need, and who your talent will be.