Editing Software:

As we saw on some sample videos on the first day, a finished video is much more than just raw footage stuck together. Quality video products require careful editing. We will be learning to use a video editor to turn our raw footage into a finished product. The video editor we'll learn together in class is Corel Video Studio. However, most video editors have the same basic features. Once you learn how to operate one, it will be much easier to learn to work with others. By the end of this unit you will be able to:
  • upload photos and videos
  • use transitions between video segments
  • add music and/or sound effects
  • create title and credit slides
  • incorporate animation effects with text
  • complete digital pans and zooms on still images
  • convert a finished project to a common video format

Corel User Guide:

General Overview of Corel Video Studio:

Create title and credit slides/incorporate animation effects with text

Use transitions between video segments:

Additional Corel Video Tutorials: