Video Production

Spring 2012

Textbook referenced:
Stinson, Jim. //Video: Digital Communication & Production//. 2nd ed. Tinley Park,
IL: The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc., 2008. Print.

Study Guide for Final Exam

Exam Schedule:

Wed June 13 - Test Block 3 - 3B Seniors
Thu June 14 - Test Block 3 - 4B Seniors
Fri June 15 - Test Block 1 - 3B students
Fri June 15 - Test Block 2 - 4B students

Friday June 8

  • hopefully, finish and hand in final project
  • if final project is not completed, submit a plan for who will come in to work on the final project and when
  • don't forget to submit pre-production paperwork

Wednesday June 6

  • continue working on final project

Monday June 4

  • continue working on final project
  • recommendation: by the end of the day your filming should be done or mostly done

Thursday May 31

  • continue working on final project

Tuesday May 29

Thursday May 24

  • planning Final Project
  • submit pre-production paperwork for final project
  • begin filming when ready

Tuesday May 22

  • finish Video Time project
  • begin planning Final Project
    • complete a well executed storyboard
    • pre-production write-up
    • list of props and filming locations

Friday May 18

  • finish filming Video Time project
  • editing

Wednesday May 16

  • introduction to 9 - Sound Effects
  • editing Video Time project

Monday May 14

  • filming Video Time project

Thursday May 10

  • filming Video Time project

Tuesday May 8

Friday May 4

  • complete editing Club Promo Project
  • hand in completed project and packet:
    • completed rubric
    • evidence of planning (interview questions, member names, sketches, notes, plans, etc.)

Wednesday May 2

  • finish filming

Monday April 30

  • watch completed Video Space projects
  • finish planning Club Promo Project
  • begin filming

Thursday April 26

  • watch short film and director's commentaries located here
  • choose school club or activity for next project
  • begin planning:
    • list people you might be able to contact
    • interview questions
    • possible filming locations
    • possible B-roll footage ideas

Tuesday April 24

  • finish editing
  • complete written explanation of how each piece addressed a law of video space
  • hand in completed projects

Friday April 13:

  • finish filming
  • edit

Wednesday April 11:

  • finish planning Video Space projects
  • begin filming

Monday April 9:

  • watched trailer projects
  • reviewed some of material from 7 - Video Space
  • introduced new project
  • began planning projects

Wednesday April 4:

Monday April 2:

  • finish filming
  • begin/continue editing

Thursday March 29:

  • finish filming or most filming done (except for freshmen)
  • begin editing if possible

Tuesday March 27:

  • filming

Friday March 23:

  • finish storyboarding
  • begin filming

Wednesday March 21:

  • took Camera Angles exercise
  • reviewed Story Board worksheet
  • introduced to new project possibilities:
  • began planning and storyboarding projects

Monday March 19:

  • finish editing (for real this time)
  • view group projects and complete peer evaluations
  • discuss classic vs. modern transitions
  • Homework: Review 6-Camera Angles. Make a "cheat sheet" of camera angles.

Thursday March 15:

  • finish editing
  • save completed interview project to "Completed Projects" folder
  • hand in completed project packet
  • check Handing in Assignments to be sure you are completing everything correctly
  • Homework: Review 6-Camera Angles. Understanding that content will be necessary for our lesson on Monday.

Tuesday March 13:

  • edit recorded footage
  • film any last minute footage

Friday March 9:

  • finish filming interviews
  • film B-Roll footage

Wednesday March 7:

  • finish planning interview questions
  • begin recording interviews

Monday March 5:

  • review Mic and Sound Quiz
  • review Interview Mini Project
  • introduce new Interview Project
  • brainstorm with group: topic, interview questions, guests
  • Homework: Set up and/or plan interviews

Thursday March 1:

  • watched group PSA projects
  • discussed different types of microphones
  • reviewed tips to conducting a high quality interview
  • configured camera to use external mic
  • completed Interview Mini Project

Tuesday February 28:

  • finish editing
  • record voice overs
  • save finished projects
  • hand in completed packet: assignment sheet, storyboard, peer evaluations
  • Microphones and Sound Quiz
  • Homework: Review ..... Interview Tips.

Friday February 24:

Wednesday February 22:

  • finish filming
  • begin editing

Monday February 20:

  • finish storyboarding PSA project
  • begin filming

Thursday February 16:

  • view some Photo Montage projects and discuss
  • Basic Composition quiz
  • Commercial/PSA project introduction

Tuesday February 14:

Friday February 10:

  • introduction to our video editing software - Corel Video Studio
  • review Photo Montage assignment
  • begin project

Wednesday February 8:

  • groups filmed "Group Introduction" footage
  • footage was captured from camera and saved to the group's shared VP folder
  • reviewed "About Video" quiz
  • next class preview - we will be learning to edit in computer lab 109

Monday February 6:

  • "About Video" quiz
  • discussed terminology: white balance, tilt, zoom, pan
  • practiced safe and skillful camera handling skills
  • each group member demonstrated these skills and recorded a tilt, zoom, and pan

Thursday February 2:

  • reviewed course syllabus and class expectations
  • defined video communication and the role it plays in our society
  • reviewed a brief history of video
  • looked at sample videos then discussed how the video world was different from the real world
  • Homework: Review 1-About Video. Quiz next class